The History Of The Google Algorithm Changes

downloadThe Google Algorithm keeps on changing about 500-600 times every year and many of these changes are minor and brings out only few changes. Very rarely does Google bring out major algorithmic changes and some of those updates are Google Panda and Google Penguin and these sorts of changes will bring significant results as well. A proper study through the dates of the Google updates will help in bringing huge website traffic and improving the search engine rankings.

Let us go through the history of the Google algorithm changes.

2013 Google Algorithm Updates

  • Penguin 2.1 was the Google update that was launched in October 4, 2013 after a gap of 4 and a half months. This update was a minor change and made a moderate impact.
  • Hummingbird was another Google update that was announced on September 26th, but this was the update that was rolled out on August 20, 2013. This Google algorithm can be compared to the Caffeine and this is the core algorithm that brought great changes to the semantic search and for the knowledge graph.

2012 Google Algorithm Updates

  • Knowledge Graph Expansion was the algorithm update in December 4, 2012; this update was added to the non English queries such as for languages as French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese. This was basically a translation update and it also helped in enhancing the knowledge graph capabilities.
  • Panda #22 is the algorithm that contained mixed signals and later it was updated to have data only. This updated was named on November 21, 2012.
  • Panda #21 was rolled on after 5.5 weeks just after the update of Panda #20; even though this update was small it had 1.1% impact on the English queries.

2011 Google Algorithm Updates

  • December 10 pack good update was announced on December 1, 2011, this algorithm included the query refinements, blog search freshness, parked domain detection and image search freshness.
  • Panda 3.1 #9 update happen almost frequently and this update is almost minor and the series of panda update bought high impact changes, this algorithm was launched on November 18, 2011.

2010 Google Algorithm Updates

  • Social signal was used by Google mainly for determining the ranking process and also for obtaining data from Facebook and Twitter. This Google update was announced on December 2010.
  • Another update took place on November 2010 and this is known as Instant Previews, this algorithm allowed the visitors to easily and quickly preview the landing pages directly from the SERPs. This helped in focusing on the landing page, design and usability.
  • Google Instant was launched on September 2010 and this helped in displaying the search results when a query was typed.

2009 Google Algorithm Updates

  • Caffeine preview is a massive infrastructure that was designed to speed the crawling and thereby expanding the index. The indexation and ranking was in real time and this update rolled out in August 2009.

2008 Google Algorithm Updates

  • One of the update that bought a major change was the Google suggest in August 2008 and helped in displaying the recommended searches when the visitors typed their queries.
  • Dewey was launched on April 2008 made a large scale shuffle but some of the specifics wee not clear.

2007 Google Algorithm Update

  • When Vanessa Fox was leaving Google, the Google update Buffy came into existence and this was the accumulation of the smaller changes.
  •  The Universal Search was the update that came into being in the month of May and this included search results such as Video, News, Images, Locals and other dramatically changes.

2006 Google Algorithm Update

  • The False Alarm was the update in December 2006 and this made some major changes in the ranking.
  • Supplement update focus on filtering the pages and this came into being in November 2006.

2005 Google Algorithm Update

  • Big daddy was the update in December 205 and this infrastructure update changed the handling procedure of the URL canonicalization and some other technical issues as well.

2004 Google Algorithm Update

  • Google IPO was the algorithm that was launched in August 2004 and this made a major change in the Google history

2003 Google Algorithm Update

  • Supplemental Index was launched mainly for indexing more documents without the factor of sacrificing any other performance

2002 Google Algorithm Update

  • 1st Documental update was launched in September 2002 to make a major shuffle and made a good page rank.

2000 Google Algorithm Update

  • Google Toolbar was launched in December with browser toolbar and toolbar page rank.

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